​Air Suspension Control System For Heavy Duty Trucks & RVs
플러그 & 플레이 방식의 간편 설치

-커넥터 방식의 손쉬운 설치 구조

-배선 수작업 최소화

​-에어 튜브 원터치 피팅 허용(옵션)

​무선 블루투스 스마트폰 앱 지원 
다양한 하드웨어 및 센서 지원
견고한 케이스 구성 
Easy Installation

- Easy-to-install connector structure
- Minimized wiring work
- Special air tube fitting
- Built-in air compressor

Various Hardware and Sensor

- Supports various solenoid valves

- Supports various pressure and leveling sensors

- Supports various electronic switches and remote


Bluetooth Connection, Smartphone App

- Bluetooth Connection

- Application featured for Android and iOS

- Basic settings

- Detailed settings for professional use

Durable Case

- Durable hard case

- Waterproof (optional)

Air Suspension Structure for Heavy Duty Trucks & RV

Structure of Air Suspension Installation

Design and Develop a Custom Bracket for Air Suspension Installation

Installing of the Air Suspension on the Stock Suspension

Select Air Suspension Depend on Weight and Height

Correction of Side Balance

Correction of Front and Rear Balance

Correction of Height

Powered by Micom

Simultaneous control and interlock control over 2 axles

Pneumatic System Structure